The Tetra String Quartet is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization! 

We are a community-based ensemble that infuses performance with public service. We rely on the generosity of individual donations, grants, and foundations, so that we can provide free performances for all members of our community. We have developed programs for children on the autism spectrum, veterans at the Phoenix VA Hospital, and kids in Maricopa Juvenile Detention Centers; every donation we receive helps us maintain our current projects and allows us to bring music to more people.

Please help us continue our mission by joining the Tetra family of supporters by making a tax deductible donation today!

We happily accept checks via mail! Please make your contribution payable to: 

Tetra String Quartet P.O Box 5104 Mesa, AZ 85211-5104


$500 and above

Brotzman-Van Bladel Family Fund
Stephanie and Dennis Cohen
The Dale Trust
Jacob Findlay
Marie Kowalski
David Mack
Deborah Noll
Joyce Seriale
The Westerhoff Family Foundation

$100 to $500

Arthur L. Beach
Sterling Beeaff
Ryan and Betsy Boles
Rita Brown
Gregory Brownell
Nancy Buck
Alan Clark
Gabrielle Clements
Fred Dalbey
Ross Dalbey
Andrzej Derkacz
Rebecca Douglas
David and Barbara Dumoulin
Cesar Estrada
Alan Fitzgerald
Doris Gazda
Dale and Pat Good
George Hoeflinger
Danwen Jiang
Jennifer DeWitt Kittredge
Susan Lamb
Brendan Lake
Lynne Larson
Lawrence Letham
Gina Letizia
Roger Mantie
Kimberly Marshall
Olivia Martin and family
Jana Mckay
Michele Miller
Eric Myers
Glen and Sue Nelson
Timothy Ness
Michael Nixon
Bill and Bliss Page
Jasmine Palmer
Patricia Petrucci
Martin and Elice Province
Brandon Ralls
Kevyn Reed
Jane Roberts
Joseph Santangelo
Tame Sauitufuga
Hope Shepherd
Juney House Shop
Sandra Sikes
Sharon Smothers
James Stern
Aubrey and Chad Stock
Jade Sun
Zack Vaughan
Hal and Kelly Walker
Maureen Wall
Nakisha Grant-Watts
Mary Martha Winston
Jill Wright
Jim and Christina Wright
John and Jane Wright
Spencer and Saije Wright
Warren Wu