It is bittersweet to say good bye to our friend, first violinist, and founding member of Tetra, Chrystal Smothers. It has truly been a privilege to work alongside her these past 8 years, and we wish her nothing but the best in all her future pursuits. Although she is moving on, Chrystal’s spirit will always be at the heart of our work and the mission Tetra String Quartet.


Chrystal's Statement: 

Thank you for a wonderful 8 years! Being a member of the Tetra String Quartet has been an honor and a blessing. I am filled with gratitude for each and every person that has been a part of this journey; thank you all for your love and support.

I know that Tetra will continue to grow and thrive as they bring music to every corner of the community. I’m excited for Chandi, Heidi, Louis and Jenna as they move forward into the next chapter. 

With love,
Chrystal Smothers