Where did you get the name “Tetra”?

In the dictionary, we found that “tetra” comes from the Greek language and is a combining form meaning “four”. The simplicity of four people coming together fits well with this definition.


How did you meet?

The members of Tetra met during our studies at Arizona State University.


Do you have any recordings?

Tetra has a Christmas CD; check it out at https://tetrastringquartet.bandcamp.com/


Do you play weddings?

Tetra maintains a rigorous performance and residency schedule throughout the year, which makes us unavailable to play weddings.


I am interested in starting a community-based ensemble. How do I get started?

Our cellist Jenna Dalbey wrote her dissertation on how to start a community-based chamber music ensemble!  Interested in reading it?  Email us at tetrastringquartet@gmail.com