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Bring an Azure Family Concert to your community!

Due to increasing popularity, Tetra is taking Azure on the road! Presented by the Tetra String Quartet, Azure Concerts are fun, friendly, and engaging performances tailored to children and young adults who are on the autism spectrum or have similar challenges. These concerts are approximately 45 minutes in length and all behaviors are welcome.

When the Tetra String Quartet came to Sierra Academy of Scottsdale, a private school for students on the spectrum, they provided a fun, friendly and engaging atmosphere filled with inspirational classical music. Their Azure concert was both interactive and educational as the students of all ages were encouraged to be creative while learning about their string instruments. Inviting Tetra to our school to perform is a new tradition that is a highlight for both our students and staff.” -Debra Watland, Director Sierra Academy of Scottsdale

Interested in bringing Tetra to your school? 
Email us at to book an Azure in Action!